Fitness Consulting:

A complimentary consultation is available for every new member. This 30-minute session is recommended and provided by Synergy's fitness director, Steve Cunningham. Each consultation includes a history, fitness assessment, goal setting, program development (including diet and exercise routines) and demonstration (or instruction).

Additional consultations and personal training are available at an additional charge according to the member's needs.

Personal Training:

For a more exclusive and custom-designed workout experience, personal training sessions are offered for an additional hourly fee. Certified Personal Trainers will discuss your personal desires, goals, schedule with you to help you create the balanced lifestyle that best fits you. These sessions will provide more accountability and individual instruction on form, nutrition, and weekly regimens to suit your age, experience, gender, and special needs.

Group Fitness:

Add a dose of high energy and motivation to your workouts with group exercise. Synergy's classes are a fun and challenging alternative to routine weight and cardio training. A full schedule of classes is offered daily throughout the week. See our calendar for the latest class schedule and times.

> Student memberships available
> Guest passes available

Kanagan Water

Our bodies are composed of 70% water, therefore it is absolutely essential that we replenish with the most beneficial water avail-able. Pure ionized alkaline water is six times more hydrat-ing than conventional water and the benefits don’t stop there.

Research has shown that the basic foundation of all disease is the accumulation of acidic waste in our bodies. Pure ionized alkaline water naturally neutralizes the body's pH balance, thereby reversing the conditions that allow disease to develop and thrive. 6 -8 glasses a day will rid your body of free radicals and is the perfect fuel for a workout that encourages a healthier, happier, more energized you.

Click here for an informational brochure on Alkaline Water. And don't forget, you can purchase and refill your Kanagan Water at Synergy!