Steve Cunningham

Owner/Director of Fitness

Steve has over 15 years of wellness and fitness training experience. He began his career as a paramedic and has fully transitioned into his current career as a certified Personal Trainer and Wellness Instructor. Steve has extensive experience and success in all areas of fitness and training, including strength, speed, endurance, and agility training. He is known for his ability to personalize fitness programs to suit the needs of each client, including pageants, bodybuilding, athletics, pregnancy, weight loss and gain, as well as general wellness maintenance. Steve uses energy, optimism, and passion for others to fulfill his personal mission of providing a welcoming environment that is fun for all. Steve is married to Linda and they have three children: Crystal, Shawdrissa and Steven; and three grandchildren: Christian, Iyana, and Sage.

Linda Cunningham
Owner/Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer

Linda brings over 5 years of experience in the fitness industry being certified as an Aerobic and Spin Instructor. Linda has been training for over 18 years and currently holds the title of 2003 Ms. Dothan. Linda is one of our fitness instructors and she is employed full-time at Vaughn-Blumberg Services as the Director of Human Resources. Linda is married to Steve and they have three children: Crystal, Shawdrissa and Steven; and three grandchildren: Christian, Iyana, and Sage.


Carrie Givens

Spin Instructor

Carrie is no stranger to teaching. She started teaching in the dance studio at the age of 14 and gradually moved into the fitness world. She has earned a black belt in Taekwondo and is certified in aerobics, Step, Ti-Bo and Spin. Her love is teaching Spin and was one of the very first certified instructors here in the South. She believes her passion for teaching Spin enables her to encourage members towards a total fitness experience. Carrie graduated from Dothan High School and the University of Alabama. She is married to Keith and has 2 sons John and Chase.


Heather Hinkle

Heather joined Synergy in 2010 where she became active in Hammertime classes. She currently instructs the Hammertime Pump class. She is employed as a nurse at the Southeast Alabama Medical Center and also serves as a gymnastic instructor at SEASA. When she is not working Heather enjoys staying active.


Tara Black

Tara Black has practiced physical fitness for 20 years. During the past 10 years she has actively shared her passion for fitness with others. She earned a certification as a paramedic from Chattahoochee Valley Community College. Tara is a nationally certified personal trainer & fitness instructor. She has experience training a variety of clients from expectant mothers to amateur bodybuilders. She is versed in teaching many classes from kickboxing to Pilates and has held numerous boot camps.  She recently moved to Dothan with her husband Mike Black. They are proud parents of 3 sons Brach, Colby, and Brody.





Selena Simera
Group Fitness Instructor